I like having my problems

It’s slightly annoying that, when travelling by Thalys, the announcement for arrival in the station is done in four different languages only that I understand all of them so I have to listen four times to exactly the same little speech.


8 responses to “I like having my problems

  1. That was so predictable… tststs. Try to come up with something new!

  2. tout à fait d’accord avec Zugaldia! Thank you Zugaldia for this new useful word in my german vocabulary! 😉

  3. Ts, all these jealous people. And, no need to thank me for the German vocabulary I taught you…

  4. Opschepper!

  5. Ah! I learned a new Dutch word! Nice!

  6. Oh, PS: agreed with lapuce. Especially annoying if you want to read a book in quiet & you understand everything…

  7. I admit that I was looking for it. Still it’s amazing to see how much stir this little post causes…

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