Historical moments – live

A person with a cynical personality could comment that the weather today matches perfectly the political situation for what may be one of the last national days of Belgium: grey, rainy, cold and slightly desperating for a 21st of July.

The King made a speech, calling for new forms of living together to be invented but a strong doubt that anybody is still listening to him, especially those governing the country, persists.

However, the games celebrations are going on, helicopters flying over the city, a military parade, the parliament open to public, fireworks etc. The peuple doesn’t care but at least it wants to be entertained.

I just don’t get it…


10 responses to “Historical moments – live

  1. Really? Today was National Feast Day? Have not seen that in Antwerpen! Even forgot that I am on duty in church on feast days till a member of the church administration asked me why I am not in St. James’s church when I accidentally met him… Feast Day? Reaaalllyyy?

  2. In some parts of this country, they apparently do not bother pretending any more that the national day actually matters. Interesting though not a good sign.

  3. Though it is a bit comforting that the national day is not the only thing that does not matter here. Nothing outside the small mind of an Antwerpen citizen matters! All the clichés you here about Sinjoren, believe me, they are true.

  4. What are Sinjoren? It’s slightly frightening to know you among people like this… You’re sure you don’t want to move to Brussels?

  5. Sinjoren are the citizens of Antwerpen. Coming from the big Spanish influence in the 16th century. Moving? Well, actually I am open for everything.

  6. Again something learned thanks to the blog. It actually sounded Spanish but thinking: “Das kommt mir Spanisch vor”, I prefered asking.

  7. Yeah. I mean that period of time was the reason for our expression “das kommt mir Spanisch vor” – mistrust towards the Spanish influence and habits under Emperor Charles V.

  8. And another thing learned thanks to you and this blog. I have to come to Antwerp again… Maybe in August one day, you’ll be around?

  9. I am not going on holiday or home anytime soon! So yes, I’ll be around, except the usual stuff like guiding, Brussels, trying to finish paper, etc…

  10. Sorry to hear that you don’t have holiday but glad to know that you’ll be around. I’ll come over un de ces quatre.

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