And the winner is

I know I’m kind of late but my mood yesterday evening was just disastrous. However, today, I can cheerfully announce that Spain Austria carries away the victory and therefore Belgian chocolates.

After making all my predictions in favour of Germany, my luck left me in the last game while zugaldia finished with a nice little sprint. Probably it’s just a fair outcome – Spain wins the real cup, Austria the chocolate, the participating penguins my respect for their football knowledge and I had the pleasure of organising all this.

Watch this space in Spring 2010 – there is a world cup coming up. And my revenge.

La puce


5 responses to “And the winner is

  1. It’s not over till it’s over (probably an old Turkish saying).

    While I celebrate my hard-fought victory I’d like to thank David Villa for scoring four goals for Spain and 400 points for me and la puce for organising our Euro 2008 pool.

  2. It was a pleasure to share this blogfoot community and to measure my analytic football skills with you. Don’t forget to give me your address!

  3. From 14th to 1st, that’s a sprint!

  4. Thanks for having organized the contest. :=)
    Maybe I will be luckier the next time.

  5. It was my pleasure. Thanks for participating. Next time: Neues Spiel, neues Glück as we say in German

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