It is strange to come in a place full of fans supporting the same team as you and to realise that except two or three crazy bastards loyal supporters no one believes in the victory. I had such a strange moment yesterday evening when I went to watch the German game in the representation of NRW*.

Though I must admit that I was hesitating a lot yesterday before entering my predictions for the game. But finally, even if it would maybe been a more rational bet, I just couldn’t predict anything against Germany.  After the two games against Croatia and Austria the only argument I could hang on was the victory in the game for place 3 during the world cup 2006. What I remembered from this game was a Portuguese team that may play football which is nice to look it but which did not have the physical resistance to win against us.

There was hope, only a bit, but hope. I wanted, I needed to believe that they can make it. And I wasn’t disappointed – I was just wondering where the hell this German team was before.

* Westphalia


5 responses to “Faith

  1. “Soccer is a game for 22 people that run around, play the ball, and one referee who makes a slew of mistakes, and in the end Germany always wins.” — Gary Lineker

  2. And now they are (almost) through to the final…

  3. And now comes a nightmare for the police – Germany – Turkey. In terms of the game, the Turkish watched too often the German in the past. They were playing best German Rumpelfussball. Let’s hope that they don’t have the same undeserved luck with it as the Germans used to have.

  4. The Turkish team has already used up its share of luck when Czechs and Croats snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. My guess is that the Germans will steamroll over what is still left of them (although my predictions have not been worth that much so far). It will be a quiet night here in Vienna (unlike yesterday).

  5. Let’s hope that reality agrees with your prediction. That would be great.

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