It’s better to play bad and to win than to play well and to loose.

If we play like this against Portugal, we gonna loose 5:0, at least.


10 responses to “Germans

  1. “That’s the thing about the Germans…they often just limp over the line.” (Mark Lawrence on BBC1 last night just after the game, not without a great deal of respect in his voice.) That is how Germany has won tournaments before. If it does not work this time round, let us at least hope that the five goals will be a beauty to behold 🙂 (And that they are all scored by Cristiano Ronaldo, would do my point score the world of good :))

  2. I still have to recover from watching the match in the fanzone before making any comments…

  3. @ Maik: I don’t want to be for a team that plays crap even if they win. I prefer being for a superbly playing team no matter if they loose or win. No German Rumpelfussball anymore!

    @ Heinz: You cannot say that the Germans did not try everything to give Austria a fair chance. They were asking for the Austrian goal. Maybe not with words but definitely with the way they played.

  4. As gracious hosts we simply could not accept such an immoral offer.

  5. Not to accept this offer was kind of stupid. Sorry to say so.

  6. And of course we will still be visited by the spectre of CĂłrdoba every time we play against Germany.
    At least chances for success are better as I can fall back on the default setting of every Austrian football fan: root for any team but Germany.

  7. For me, it’s gonna be any team but Italy. And, just to let you know, as long as it isn’t against Germany, Austria has my full support.

  8. That’s the real difference between Germans and Austrians: Germans support Austria in their team’s absence; Austrians support any team playing against Germany unless it’s Genghis Khan and his Mongoles or consists of Martian invaders.

  9. On second thought, I think an Austrian wouldn’t support the German side even in these cases.

  10. I think especially in these cases Austria would rather support the adversary team as there would be a real chance of Germany loosing the game. Maybe not against the Mongoles but the Martian invaders.

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