As much as I hate this city when it rains five weeks days in a row, as much do I love Brussels on evenings like this. I went to watch Italy – Netherlands to see how good the team are. Sitting outside of a nice English pub, surrounded by Belgians, French, Canadians, Germans and obviously mostly Dutch and Italians, the atmosphere was just great. Surprisingly, most people were against Italy (to my record everyone except the Italians) but still, the people were friendly, chatting with each other, connecting over national and linguistic barriers.

Tomorrow evening, I’ll publish intermediate results of the blogfoot community – be prepared!

J’adore le foot!!
La puce


10 responses to “Brussels

  1. My predictions were right, so obviously something else must be wrong…

  2. Seriously, there is something afoot. Just take Spain v Russia as example: based on my unerring, unparalleled football expertise I predict a 4-0 and pick David Villa as topscorer and everything goes according to plan until five minutes before the end…

  3. Maybe a conspiracy?

    Anyway, don’t worry, the EuroCup is far from being over, so chances are good that reality still abides by your predictions.

  4. Fine, so I predict a 5-0 win for Austria against Poland and against Germany a 3-2..

  5. You shouldn’t push reality to hard either.

  6. Reality has already pushed back in stoppage time… And once again I suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

  7. I don’t really get you. Actually, not at all.
    Und nun?

  8. Das war auch ein wenig kryptisch. Ich meinte nur, daß schon wieder ein Tor in letzter Minute meine (fast) perfekte Vorhersage zunichte gemacht hat.

  9. 🙂 Life is hard. And predicting football results is even harder.

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