Euro2008 – Getting ready

Teams making it into the 2nd Round:
Group A: Czech Republic, Portugal
Group B: Croatia, Germany
Group C: Netherlands, Italy
Group D: Spain, Greece

Other stats to bet on: (But which I’m not going to share here)
Top scorer
Winner of the tournament
Total amounts of goals in the tournament
Total amounts of red cards
Total amounts of yellow cards

Second round bet comes as soon as the first round is over.

I will now start praying that I’m not completely wrong. And I invite Zeta, Anke, Umwalker, Mr. Pinguin, Polisea, Daniel and Maik to do their bets. Just go to, choose the English language settings, register, join the community “blogfoot”, read the rules, make your bets and make them public. Whoever is best gets some chocolate. Feel free to invite whoever you want.

May the best win! La puce


6 responses to “Euro2008 – Getting ready

  1. Alright, count me in. 🙂
    Chocolate is so motivating.

  2. That was an easy catch 🙂
    It’s gonna be Belgium chocolate, what else?

  3. At least you believe our side is good enough for scoring three goals.

  4. I think that the Austrian team will really make an effort. And I’m not that sure regarding Germany. No irony in these two sentences.

  5. If success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm then we still are likely to fail.

  6. Great quote. Very Austrian I would say.
    Now, I would like to say something comforting, like “Austria can still make it in the second round” but it just doesn’t sound honest…
    I’m really trying to make an effort mais je suis nulle. Désolée.

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