Belgium under scrutiny over linguistic feud

It is a weird form of malicious joy but I couldn’t help laughing when I read this article. If it wasn’t that sad, it would be funny: Belgium, the host country of the European Institutions may face a monitoring procedure by the Council of Europe. The reason for this, dating back to 2006, is that three legally elected French majors couldn’t perform their duties in districts located in Flanders.

According to this rather negatively fascinating article about Belgium from the IHT, this is only a first step to the final split-up of the country. To be continued…


2 responses to “Belgium under scrutiny over linguistic feud

  1. So Belgium is still true to form.. Who would have thought?

    Nevertheless, coming from a country with pertinant experience, I’m sceptical about somebody from outside making meaningful contributions.

  2. I don’t really get you. That Belgium is more a patch-work than a country – fine, but what do you mean with the second sentence?

    I’m sorry if this question reveals profound knowledge gaps in history but you made me curious.

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