“Urmel aus dem Eis” en français

This is one of these posts where I just don’t know how to explain it in English. I saw the advert for the movie “Les aventures de Impy le dinosaure” in Paris last weekend, realizing immediately that’s originally a German movie based on a puppet theater series from the late ’60s. This is obviously highly irrelevant to anybody else than me especially since I never watched the movie myself (though I know the puppet theater series).


2 responses to ““Urmel aus dem Eis” en français

  1. This is highly relevant for every young German who loves small facts 🙂 Never knew that it was known outside Germany. I also agree on Iron Man. Good Popcorn movie, and since Robert Downey is one of my favourite actors it was worth watching it. Uli

  2. Glad that you like the post. I think that Das Urmel is only known in Germany but maybe Impy gonna become a star in France.

    And Iron man was definitely a surprise. Less stereotypes than I thought and some of them nicely avoided (like the fact that the KISS between him and his secretary does not happen)

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