After seeing the pictures in Umwalker’s Blog and after having his precious advice, one of my main actions during this wonderful four day long weekend was to go to Delft, the city of Vermeer, Orange and Delft Blue. My parents had told me that Delft was like Amsterdam, only smaller and with less tourists. Well, there were still lots of tourists but all these small canals, the pittoresque bridges and houses really bear some similarity with the big neighbour city.

Apart from just walking around and enjoying the sunshine, the flea market and the small shops and cafés, I followed the advice and visited the Old and the New Church and climbed the tower of the new one. What I still find irritating are all these graves in the church reminding me of the story where the expression “stinky rich” comes from. I learned this from Umwalker when I visited the cathedral in Antwerp: Only rich people could afford being buried in a church. Unfortunately, the graves were not digged very deeply so you can imagine the smell coming up, especially in summer time.

Finally, my Dutch lessons also paid of when a small girl suddenly showed up in front of me, telling me that she was wearing her most beautiful summer skirt with me being able to ask her, after admiring the skirt, where her mum was – just a few meters away. Al bij al een heel mooie dag!


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