C’est complètement dingue – It’s totally crazy. That’s what I thought more than once while reading “La dame dans l’auto avec des lunettes et un fusil”. It’s one of these books I just enjoy reading, no need to understand every single detail. The structure of the novel is enough to keep me turning the pages as Dany Longo tells her story and you just don’t know who is lying: her, the others or maybe all of hem.

I found the book in one of these few book shops where I can come in and ask for something to read without feeling ridiculous. In Grenoble, it was the Décitre and here it is a second hand book shop (Nijinsky, I hope it’s written this way) where I can come with having but just a vague idea of what I want in mind. Instead of feeling awkward, I feel taken care of, taken seriously when being asked back: “OK, so what do you feel like reading: thriller, fantasy, suspense, etc?” Last time, it was a thriller I was looking for.

The girl presented me I don’t remember how many books until one caught my attention. I barely read the cover text before taking my decision while she showed me another one more fantasy like. I don’t remember what she said but it sounded good enough to make me take this book as well. J’adore ça.


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