Life’s laziness and joy

It is only fair to say that Brussels offers a large choice of cultural and social activities. During these days, the royal greenhouses are open to the public, the festival of short movies (festival du court métrage) is taking place as well as several activies around the 50th anniversairy of the 58 world exhibition.

And what did I do? Following the advice of a friend, I had a walk to the Abbaye de la Cambre, a former abbey surrounded by a small but nice park not to far from my place, staying there an hour on a bench before walking along the lakes in Ixelles admiring the very tiny ducklings (maybe 2 days old, not more) as I do every year, and finally having lunch at a sunny terrasse and a long siesta in my place. It was great.

However, I’m always impressed by people who tell me all the things they do during a weekend or even the week – concerts, museums, visits, etc. etc. and of course I do sometimes the same. Only that once in a while it feels good not to run after all the opportunities life is offering but just to benefit from the day without asking too much what the next will bring. Maybe it’s a missed opportunity, maybe it’s the pleasure of enjoying life. Qui sait?


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