A few weeks ago, the acronym CMS did not mean anything to me. Now, I don’t only know that it means Content Management System but the question: “Can I display the category of a component as table in a content item?” also makes perfectly sense to me.


17 responses to “Frightening

  1. I’m afraid we’re witnessing the birth of a monster 😉

  2. I hate saying it, but Zeta might be right…

  3. @ Zeta: And you are the godfather!

    @ Maik: No, he isn’t.

  4. @Maik: You hate saying I’m right, or you hate seeing Lapuce as small CMS-monster? 😉

  5. @ Zeta: When I wrote the comment – the former. Which in a sense implies the latter. But I am glad to see that she is in vigorous denial, so at least she won’t give up without a fight 🙂

  6. Supposing that knowing to use (more or less) efficiently a CMS creates a monster, what is then someone who is actually developing software???

  7. I still don’t know how to call someone like this but I’m pretty sure this is what it looks like:

  8. Now I can see why you are in such vigorous denial 😉

  9. Dear wordpress user, look here (bottom right) 😉

  10. @ Maik: The monster is Zeta, of course. I’d rather see myself like this:

    @ All: What Zeta tried to say (took me 2 minutes to find it): Code is poetry for nerds…

  11. Looks like a really bad case of sunburn to me… 😀

  12. What do you mean?

  13. The little monster’s skin colour certainly suggests it spent to much time in the sun without proper protection…

  14. Just like me on Saturday. Curious coincidence… lalala hehe everything is under control

  15. Soll ich mir Dich jetzt wirklich mit pinkem Gesicht, Segelohren und Zahnfehlstellung vorstellen 😉

  16. Genau so! Finde ich gut; das hat was.

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