Pas bien

Yesterday night I did something I usually avoid doing. I looked up the end of the book I’m currently reading. Result: I don’t want to read it anymore. It’s a pity, it’s the last volume out of four (Hyperion I&II, Endymion I&II from Dan Simmons) but contrary to Hyperion the last Endymion book is looooooong. After the 200 pages I already read, I just don’t see anything exciting coming. Hyperion was a quest, a great book, a complex story unfolding it’s multiple aspects one by one, and great characters.

In the Endymion the main character and narrative is quite boring. He stumbles from one problem to the other, from one critical situation to the next without a real story. At least this is my impression so far. I don’t feel the same thrill or excitement the first two books brought me. Maybe it would be a normal good adventure book if it were independent but following the first two it just can’t keep the level.

I’m still not sure if I will finish reading the book or not. Right now, I’m not in the mood so I’ll leave it aside. I think that my curiosity and this weird habit of buying and reading sequels even if I don’t like them anymore will lead me to do so at one moment in the future. But the page-turner feeling you have when you can’t stop reading a book, that’s gone. What a pity.


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