Unnecessary knowledge

Today: Plants get wrinkles

I have this wonderful orchid colleagues offered me when I left my first position here in Brussels. It has moved with me since and is, surprisingly, a very easy flower. Once in a while a bit of water – that’s it. It gets new blossoms sometimes and looses old ones then. If looked at closely, you can clearly see that the old blossoms have wrinkles while the new ones haven’t.

I know that this is not the discovery of the year month week, but it’s fascinating. Even plants get wrinkles…

plants wrinkles

Pas besoin de me remercier pour cette information précieuse.


4 responses to “Unnecessary knowledge

  1. Thank you for this precious information!

  2. Avec plaisir! Did you know that plants can get sunburned as well?

  3. I like people that pay attention to detail…to any detail 🙂

  4. 🙂 Thanks. It’s just not very relevant. And, it has the risk to loose the Übersicht

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