Sandwich Spread

When I went to Amsterdam, I was quite amazed by the number of empty glasses of Sandwich Spread the friend hosting me there had. As I am, this was the first thing I tried for breakfast and as so many other things where you better don’t want to know what they are actually made of, I liked it immediately. So the Sunday, before taking the train back we went to a supermarket and I got this stuff. It has less E-numbers than one would suppose but it’s still mainly composed by cabbage, pickle and mayonnaise – delicious!

And now it’s empty. Sniff…


5 responses to “Empty

  1. Any way to get it in Brussels?

  2. Not as far as I know. I never saw this stuff before going to Amsterdam… A good reason to go there again.

  3. At least to The Netherlands, any planned trip?

  4. Maybe… Depends upon my traveling mood and a few frieds. But it’s a good idea.

  5. Can I ask you what that stuff behind the empty jar is?

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