Though some people may say that they always knew, I cannot explain how I got the result below. I gave only nice answers – I am nice. Most of the time… 

How evil are you?


10 responses to “WTH?

  1. Haha! Petite nature! I am “pure evil”

    How evil are you?

  2. P.S. Pure evil is:
    You are absolutely terrifying. Your mere presence strikes fear into the hearts of everyone around you. There is no turning back. Your are the definition of evil, and probably work for an evil company like AOL.

    The last sentence sounds like an insult to me… working for AOL. I am not THAT evil

  3. I hink the result is perfectly accurate.

  4. Apparently we are soul mates…now I am wondering whether we arrived at the same result via the same answers?!?

  5. To be honest, I did the test twice, first giving the most fitting answers and the second time, trying to give random answers. The second time I got the same result as Uli.
    But let’s see, my answers the first time were:
    > Firefox
    > Germany
    > I don’t classify myself
    > Fredrick Engels
    > Guns
    > Executioner
    > Modern Rock
    > Chicken
    > Action
    > Sex

    Reminder to myself: be careful with the things you tell on this blog…

    @ Ceasar: Perfectly accurate for me I guess. What’s yours?

    @ Uli: Don’t worry, of course you are not that evil. And even if you were… You are in guter Gesellschaft

  6. Mmm, was lehrt uns das? Es führen nicht nur viele Wege nach Rom, sondern auch zu “being evil”. We have four matches, but differ on the following six:

    What social clique do you belong to?


    I don’t really classify myself either, but I thought that was tantamount to avoiding the question and “nerds” was the only one that came even close.

    Choose your weapon.

    Mind Powers

    Always been the more pacifist type. And the fact that George Walker Bush chose to reinstate the star wars programme in response to being attacked with box cutters seems to confirm my impression that a bit of mind powers wouldn’t go amiss…

    Which of the following sounds like an ideal job to you?


    I love arguing with people…if I get paid for it, so much the better 🙂

    (Executioner? And you wonder why you came out evil?!?)

    What kind of music do you listen to?

    Oldies Rock

    Admittedly, this was a tough one. Not quite sure about the distinction between Modern Rock and Oldies Rock. I just listen to Rock – old or modern. And the odd bit of Pop (there is some quality out there, you just have to look for it) and classical.

    Which of the following meats do you eat the most?


    Not by choice, but that is what the Mensa serves most often (closely followed by chicken and turkey). Had they asked about my favourite meat, I would have gone for lamb.

    What is your favorite movie genre?

    Science Fiction

    Another tough one. Not quite sure where my favourite movies would fit. Where would you put “Night on Earth”, for example? But there are certainly a number of SF movies I really like – Blade Runner, Alien I, Star Wars IV-VI, …

    However, I am not sure how much store one should set by a test that offers you “Canada” both as a European country and a weapon…

  7. The choice of answers was not always obvious or easy. I mean “Science Fiction” or “Action” was not an easy one…

    Anyway, you are right. This test is not the one I took the most seriously though the offer of “Canada” as European country and weapon is quite witty. Maybe there’s something more about it than we normal people are supposed to know.

  8. Yes, I was pondering that one. Offering “Canada” as a European country and a weapon is either witty or ignorant…I couldn’t quite make up my mind.

  9. As they put “Canada” twice, it’s a joke in my point of view. Taking Canada for a European country, maybe, if you are really ignorant. But for a weapon? What kind of weapon is this supposed to be?

    I think it’s this kind of senseless humour I really appreciate sometimes. It doesn’t make sense but it does make me laugh…

  10. Canada has a European head of state and inhabitants who speak more than one language without being immigrants. So why not count it as European?

    Ton bras sait porter l’épée,
    Il sait porter la croix!

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