Black hole eats earth

I’m always amazed to see when science fiction is actually not just fiction but closer to reality then we may sometimes like. The IHT and others had an article yesterday about a court case of an American physicist suing CERN. He claims that CERN does not respect European safety standards and that the experiments there may actually cause tiny black holes which in return may destroy Earth.

“So what?” you may say. First, when reading the article, you will see that the whole claim is much less ridiculous then it seems to be at first glance. AND, Dan Simmons’ novel, Hyperion*, plays in the pre-Hegerian time after Old Earth has been destroyed by the Big Mistake in ’08. Now guess what… – the Big Mistake was a black hole caused by a physical experiment**. In the book, it is the Kiev team; however just the fact that such an incident may eventually happen (no need to tell me how low the risk is) is absolutely fascinating for me.

* My plan is to write a book review about the book and it’s sequels as soon as I finished Endymion I & II. Hopefully this will not just remain fiction…

** That’s just half of the story – the other is that this “mistake” was planned and executed by AI who had their very own purpose with humanity.


3 responses to “Black hole eats earth

  1. There’s a nice article in the SZ – – with a Noble price winning physician who explains why black holes really will develop in CERN, but why it is impossible for them to destroy earth. Now we just have to pick sides…:-) Uli

  2. Yeah, I read this one as well! But you know, before the Big Mistake physicist said the same. Impossible is a too big word for this. “Highly unlikely” – probably yes but impossible… (though I would very much prefer not to be right on this)

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