Back in BXL

It is really frustrating to leave Mannheim behind with 21°C and beautiful sunshine and to arrive in rainy grey muddy cold Brussels. A part from this I had a wonderful weekend visiting Mannheim and Heidelberg, chatting with my sister for hours and hours and hours, seeing a friend I had seen last time nearly two years ago, drinking coffee in the afternoon in the sunshine, looking out of the window when driving along the Rhine, daydreaming and musing about the spring and the new green all along the route, reading in the train, and relaxing.

I’ve been told that Mannheim has the reputation of being one of the particularly ugly cities in Germany but honestly, I don’t think so. They make quite an effort to have lots of nice flowers everywhere and may be it is not overwhelmingly pretty but ugly??? Probably when it’s raining – just like Brussels.

So yeah, nice weekend, nice moments, back to work tomorrow with a few photos online if I find the USB cable for the camera until then…

Bonne nuit!


8 responses to “Back in BXL

  1. Curiously this weekend I had a visit from Mannheim and agrees with you on the charming of the city.

    After visiting a few I think it’s a constant for average German cities, they’re generally clean, well organized, and carefully managed. But sun is the key, the main benefit of visiting Mediterranean regions.

  2. What is, in your point of view, the ugliest German city?
    And, the ugliest Spanish one?

  3. Well ugliest German city is a big word, I do not consider myself to know every city … but Darmstadt can not be very far from it …

    … and this not just because of the name 😉

  4. Hmm, ugly is a big word, but Mannheim certainly is not so nice. It has some nice places, but it is no comparison to the surrounding cities of Heidelberg and Speyer.

  5. If I have to give the less-beautiful adjective to a German city that would be Düsseldorf. It’s like Luxembourg, it can be seen in half a day 🙂 In the other extreme of the galaxy we have the awesome Freiburg.

    For Spain, just go to Granada (south), Madrid (center) and Barcelona (north), you won’t be disappointed!

  6. @ al:x – the favourite less beautiful city of my sister and me is Wuppertal. Especially because of this reversed tramway in it’s dirty-green painting.

    @ Umwalker: I don’t know Darmstadt. The name is not very promising, indeed but if my memory is right there are worse names than this.

    @Zeta: Not beautiful cities in Spain – the other ones! And regarding Germany and beautiful cities, you haven’t seen Quedlinburg….

  7. @zeta: I am not sure, I follow your logic. But are you saying, that a city can not be beautiful if it is small? And what is different for Freiburg, then?

    For me the beauty of a city is very often connected with the memories I have from it, the weather when I visited, the people I met, the things I did 😉

  8. I don’t say a city has to be ugly because of being small, Düsseldorf is far from being small… it has just so few things to see (at least from a visitor point of view) that can be visited in a morning. I agree with you al:x, that’s way I said Freiburg is incomparable 🙂

    Ugly cities in Spain? Ufff… I didn’t like Melilla or Jaén too much. I hate some villages, the “deep Spain”, with people locked in their region.

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