I just cannot understand

how anyone could call a beer “Mort subite”*. Well, to be very honest, since I finally managed to go to the famous pub with the same name last weekend, I know why it is called this way.

A la mort subite

However, what I still don’t get is how anyone can seriously enjoy this kind of beer which hardly deserves the name beer. Kriek, Gueuze and all this stuff, is just too fruity sweet and absolutely not conform with the good old Reinheitsgebot. But, de gustibus non est disputandum…

* Sudden death


2 responses to “I just cannot understand

  1. I like the place, but be honest, I have never asked for a beer there. I think it’s much better to go during coffee time.

  2. Well, I would not advise you to go there for a beer anyway. It is quite expensive. There are better places for beer than this one in Brussels…

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