Wonderful world of language XIII

Language Mastery

I guess it would be cautious to say that this is just my own little theory about how to come to master a language and in which vocabulary levels a language is split up. After this little disclaimer, the theory: I think that the mastery of a language is the better the more and divers vocabulary is actively and passively used. Kind of obvious, hein?

Well, the challenge of really having the command is to be able to use the language in any given situation: playing football, going for groceries, reading a newspaper, going out for a beer, writing a PhD thesis, etc. Personally, I have the feeling that I’ll never finish learning French or English, especially in the extreme levels (insults, familiar language, technical terms) though it is true that even native speakers do not know every single word.

The point is that to learn a language, it is not enough to study and to read newspapers, you have to go out, experience, get lost, make friends, learn from them as much as you can withouth necessarily adopting all four letter and similar terms they may teach you and live with the knowledge that you will never make it to 100%.

Après tout, c’est pas si compliqué.     


2 responses to “Wonderful world of language XIII

  1. I think you masterize a languague when you are able to passionnaly argue with it. If when it comes to shout around and cry-louder-and-speak-faster, you can handle it without even thinking about it.

  2. Actually, the observation I made is that even people who have a very good level of a foreign language get into trouble as soon as they passionaly argue about something. They get agressive, categoric or very obsessed by an aspect or a topic because they lack the necessary finesse of vocabulary.

    I would say that you truly master a language not when you are able to cry-louder-and-speak-faster without thinking about it but when you are able to persuade someone else with fine negociation…

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