Carneval in Binche

Sometimes, life is easy. Someone has a good idea and all you have to do is to come along, spending a very nice Sunday afternoon. We went to see the carnival in Binche and I even managed to remember the name of this small city about one hour from Brussels. We walked through the city, visited the Carnival museum, saw the ancient city wall and, of course, all the people dressed as Belgians (very courageous), clowns (classical), traffic lights (never mind), at-the-end-of-the-rainbow-there-is-a-pot-of-gold goblins (creative), chimney sweeper (deliberately dirty), Chabral (big and hairy) and many many more. If only Carnival would be in summer as a friend of mine commented so wisely, it would have been perfect. Merci!


I want you for Belgium

End-of-rainbow goblin

Mask in the museum

More crowds


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