To put things right

After reading yesterday’s post, you may get the impression that I do not like Germany and that’s not true. I like Germany very much. I love to go home to my parents and grand-parents place. The best is to take the train and just look out of the window to see the landscape passing by – the fields in summer time, the forests, the small villages*. Germany is very beautiful and has some amazing cities.

I also learned to appreciate the German language much more than I did before. Only through learning French and English, I realised that there are a lot of expressions you can just not translate. Forget about it. German has it’s very own beauty, richness and subtlety and despite all my efforts I will probably never be able to reproduce this in another language.

So yeah, that’s it. I like Germany I just do not want or need to live there right now.

C’est comme ça. La puce

* Cities are always ugly seen from the train and I haven’t found an example yet which would proof the contrary.


One response to “To put things right

  1. Sooooooo einverstanden!

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