When I went home for Christmas, I had some trouble with the train. Being informed in the train that I could claim my reservation fee and the ICE fee back, I went straight to the Client service counter. To claim the money was obviously not that straight. Instead of just paying me my money, I had to fill in a claim-sheet. So I started doing this and thought “Let’s try something” when filling in my Belgian address. My sister who was accompanying me and I started both laughing for about 5 minutes at the very idea that the Deutsche Bahn would ever send anything to this address.

Yesterday I received a letter from them with a coupon paying me my even a bit more than my claims back. I can change this coupon now for a price reduction when buying a train ticket in any German train station for the whole next year.

So, apologies to whom apologies are due.


4 responses to “Apologies

  1. Mmm…the interesting question is – would they give you your actually money back, cash in hand, if you were adamant that you were not going to use another Deutsche Bahn train for the next few decades and that the voucher they gave you was thus useless?

  2. I’m not quite sure if I get your question right. But given the fact that my whole family lives in Germany, the chances that I go there once and a while are quite good. So yes, I will use this voucher as long as I do not forget it at home (which is more likely to happen) when traveling to Germany.
    Does this answer the question?

  3. Not quite. What I think is slightly devious about Deutsche Bahn’s behaviour is that they reimburse you in a way that forces you to travel with them again (and spend extra money). Let us assume you were indeed Belgian and had been on a once in a lifetime trip to Germany. What good would that voucher do you then? At the very least, the should have offered you a choice between a voucher and your actual money back.

  4. Now I understand you very well and obviously, you are right. But don’t you think that giving me just the money back would have been too easy?

    I mean, just think what the whole procedure costs them. 10 minutes time at the counter filling it in, sending it to a service center, an employee deciding over it (another ten minutes), sending the voucher to Belgium. All this is much more complicated and far more expensive than just giving me the money. That was the thought I had when filling this stuff in. Not that I like to vaste their time and money but if they choose to do so…

    In the case I were Belgian, I would give it to a German friend or let it frame and put it on the wall. 🙂

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