“…instead of walking over the place St. Marco, Jack was taking photos, instead of taking the gondola with me, Jack was taking photos of me”- “2 Days in Paris”*

It has been one of the main elements of this blog that whenever I travel, the access to Internet and computers accepting my USB or camera was rather limited. But just as often I forget my camera or I leave it deliberately behind. Though I like very much to have photos of places I visited and moments I shared with friends, I appreciate to live and to experience situations without putting the camera between me and what is actually happening.

Photos are great, a souvenir, art, a beautiful memory to remember what has been but sometimes, for me, it is more important to enjoy the very instant without trying to catch it.

* Quoted approximately


2 responses to “Photos

  1. Oh great quote, from the movie, right? And sometimes you take the picture, but you will never show it. Even it’s likely you take the picture, but don’t check it again ever.

  2. The quote is from the movie, indeed.
    Question: When you write “you”, do you mean people in general, yourself or me?
    Curious, la puce

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