A year is over, one more year spent living, realising, creating and cancelling projects, discovering new places, leaving old ones, choosing a new city, a new place, coming home in more then one sense, making new friends while letting others go, renewing friendships, doing voluntary work, an internship and finding, finally real work, moving again and again, deciding to settle down for a few years and not to move that soon again, making space for someone special in my life.

2007 was Cape Town, Brussels, Berlin

2007 was X’hosa, Vlaams and Frenglish

2007 was Children of Men, Das Leben der Anderen and many other films not as worth being remembered as the first two

2007 was Hyperion I & II, Die Buddenbrocks and not enough French books

2007 was challenging, intensive, thrilling.

To sum up: The impression that a year starting the first of January on the beach on a warm and sunny day can’t go wrong, was true. I’m looking forward to see tomorrow.

La puce


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