Going home for Christmas

  • 7h and 34 minutes by train
  • Wagenstandsanzeiger not in Brussels, but in Cologne
  • Hoarfrost (Raureif, givre) aka Puderzuckerlandschaft
  • Sitting in the bookshop while waiting for my train
  • Having a few minutes in the bright cold sun before leaving Cologne
  • Having an Ersatzzug instead of my ICE
  • Forming a Notgemeinschaft with the people in my Abteil – charing Christmas cookies
  • Making nasty comments about the Deutsche Bahn
  • Enjoying the voices announcing the trains, especially that the train in Hanover waits for me
  • Taking the time of reading Die Zeit
It’s kitschy, it’s beautiful, it’s Christmas.

2 responses to “Going home for Christmas

  1. sounds very good fraulein, have u got my presemt would u like my address to send it to

  2. Kam, your present will wait for you in Brussels. As soon as you visit us former flatmates there, you will get everything you want. Well, nearly!

    Hope you enjoy the free time!

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