Habemus (quasi) government

Slowly but surely they are getting there. Belgium has a kind of government. Finally. Though I find it not very assuring to see that the old and new interim but not final prime minister, Verhofstadt, achieved in a bit more than two weeks what the supposedly new and final prime minister, Leterme who will take over in March, failed to do in more than 5 months.

The question now is how far this is really the end of the political crisis. The constitutional reform still needs to be done, the Vlaams extremists freed some Geister they cannot necessarily control and the gap of distrust splitting the linguistic communities will need more than time and good will to be closed.

But anyway, perhaps we should just take it as a good sign that Belgium got a brand new interim government just a few days before Christmas.

Dus, vrolijk kerstfeest wens ik! La puce


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