Four films I did not watch

Actually, this could be part of the “About” but since these films will be probably subject to rapid change, they are better placed here. Especially as I’m still surprised to learn how many highlights from the history of movie I missed in my life so far.

Anyway, not seen are

  • Grease (I had to google how to write it)
  • ET
  • The Exorcist
  • Bladerunner (I read the novel by P.K. Dick which is probably much better)

Titanic would be another one I haven’t seen but I do not feel something crucially missing in my life without so I won’t change this. I saw “Indiana Jones and the last crusade” recently, that’s part of the “Done” list now. Anything else I could have probably missed?

J’sais pas…


14 responses to “Four films I did not watch

  1. Star Wars trilogies?

  2. The first two films of the first trilogy and the first of the second. Not very impressive, hein?

  3. I would advise to see Titanic…it’s quite remarkable for a number of reasons. The biggest mis-cast in film history (there has never been a less likely couple than “Milchbubi” Leonardo DiCaprio and “Vollweib” Kate Winslet), atrocious special effects (they clearly have never seen water float along the hull of a ship) for which they incidentally won an Oscar, and – now comes the irony-free bit – a very positive and realistic depiction of old age. Quite remarkable for a Hollywood movie.

  4. Hi Maik,

    Well, Titanic… I don’t know. The problem is that I am not a very big fan of these chick-flick movies. When friends of mine gush (schwärmen)over a romantic film – I will think twice about watching it. I’ve seen the making off of Titanic and was quite impressed but couldn’t get myself to watch the overall. Perhaps, one day, why not. We’ll see.

  5. What about The Third Man? Might be a good preparation for a visit to Vienna…

  6. Äh… I think so but I’m not sure. Probably. We could watch it when I come to Vienna 🙂 What do you think?

  7. Great! I know a cinema where the film is played four times a week.

  8. @ Heinz: Great. Than I only have to organise when to come, where to sleep and so on. But are you sure that you want to go for a non-neutral game? Though, the one on the 16th sounds challenging – for Austria.

  9. I suggest “Black Cat, White Cat” or “Casablanca”!

  10. I looked “Black Cat, White Cat” up – sounds very nice.
    “Casablanca” – I remember having seen parts of it but never the entire movie. Is it a “have to” or a “when you have nothing else to do”?

  11. Casablanca: not a “have to”, it is more a “when you have nothing else to do”, but nevertheless a classical.
    I agree with Heinz, The Third Man is also a good suggestion.

  12. @ Mariam: Is there any French film you would advise me to see? Par contre, pas le genre “Les bronzés font du ski”, stp. 🙂

  13. Et les films avec Louis de Funès, Bourvil…? Je plaisante ; )
    I guess you’ ve watched already “l’ auberge espagnole”, “les poupées russes” et “le fabuleux destin d’ Amélie Poulain”…
    There are classical french comedy like “le père Noël est une ordure”(une reference pour une generation de francais…), “les visiteurs” and so on …but it’s not the kind of movie I like to watch .
    I like movie with or of Agnès Jaoui/Jean-Pierre Bacri: “on connait la chanson”, “un air de famille”, “le gout des autres”…Some movie with Catherine Frot (“un air de famille”, “la dilettante”, “odette tout le monde” though didn’t see it yet)
    “Tangy” aussi c’ etait pas mal.
    Voila what about Almodovar movie? (except “la mala educacion” didn’t like it”).

  14. Bon, il y a du travail là.

    Louis de Funès – I think to have seen most of them as they pass quite frequently in German TV. Ähm, gewöhnungsbedürftig.
    L’auberge espagnole – Didn’t like it but perhaps my French was to bad to understand the jokes. Didn’t see Les Poupées russes.
    Amélie Poulain – Definitely. That was great!
    Le père Noël… this is exactly the kind of French humor I do not understand and like.
    All the other films – well, they will be added on my list.
    Almodovar – yes. I liked “La mala educacion”, just like “Volver”. If only I would get more from the Spanish when watching the films in VO, it would be perfect.
    Merci beaucoup pour les conseils!!

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