Life is doing what it wants though it can be influenced.

Dying is just a part of life. At least it used to be.

Humans can do the worst and the best. We are free to choose.

Humans should do more right than wrong. If only it were that easy.

The world needs more people who doubt.

The most important thing in life is not to forget where you are coming from, to keep in mind where you are going to and to live meanwhile.

It is useless to worry.

The past is gone. That we should learn something from it is a kind of fruitless comment as we obviously don’t do it – generally speaking and left with glint of hope that one day we will.

Future means probably a lot of surprises, maybe not only good ones. But who knows?

Time is paradox.

Love is the most beautiful and the most frightening of all feelings.

Having friends is what keeps you going when everything else fails.

Happiness is a clin d’œil, a snapshot, nothing which will last forever and still worth working for.

Feelings are uncontrollably frightening, beautiful, painful, overwhelming, amazing.

Conflicts are inevitable. To get out of them successfully is the real challenge.

Hope is often not rationale but prevents from going insane.

To have faith is comforting.

Dreams are a biochemical process the brain is running to deal with all the input it gets. They are a powerful motivation as well but that’s the other kind.

Visions are missions?

Change means that nothing stays the way it is and that it is better to get used to it.

Stagnation is dangerous.

Courage means to dare even if the chances of success are small.

To loose is sometimes better than to win though you never know.

To win means nothing. How you do it and what you do afterwards is what makes the real difference.

Being perfect means that nothing can be improved. Not very likely to happen.

Failure is part of life. How can humans learn if they always win? Would be a bit boring, after all.

Pain is nothing we can ever get rid of entirely.To be dealt with.

Health is treated badly when having it and longed for when lost.

To work is a necessity, ideally an enjoyable one.

Achievements are nice but nothing to be rested upon.

Strength is not to give up even if you feel doing so.

Fantasy can make you forget all worries for a while.

Justice is an abstract. Often searched, rarely found.

Creativity is what I’m running out of.

* Stöckchen in German. Found here. I’ve been informed that not everybody understands the principle of a Stöckchen. Well, the basic idea is that you take the given part (bold text) and you fill in the rest with your own thoughts, ideas, etc. Pretty easy. 


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