Castle Cathedral insight

Houses Train station

It’s quite a while ago now that I’ve been to Antwerp but having promised to show at least some of my pictures, I finally managed to upload them.

The first thing impressing me in Antwerp was the train station – it’s beautiful even though it is still under reconstruction. But contrary to Brussels that has some of the most ugly train stations I’ve ever seen, this is amazing. You immediately feel welcomed and not like getting back on the train…

However, Antwerp – half an hour from Brussels which is good because I have to go back. With some friends, we walked a lot through the city, we visited the Ruben’s house and the Cathedral. This is nothing compared to all the places we could have visited. Though, it was great. Especially the cathedral where we were quite lucky to just arrive at the time a guided tour started – fantastic.

Nice people, nice weather, nice city – perfect day.


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