Wonderful world of language X

Yehehe, there is even more to come but I will have to do some painting or calculating or so for the next two, will see how it works. However:

X: Something I still prefer doing in German when I have to do it is counting. In France, it took me years to get used to the French way of counting especially starting from 70 above. One of my favourites for instance is 97 (quatre-vingt dix-sept = 4×20+10+7) – during the time I needed to calculate this, conversation had usually advanced by miles. In the supermarket I used to watch at the display – to make things easier. Belgian French is far more foreigner-friendly with septante and nonante though I’m not sure how to write it and too lazy to look it up. Still, one of the current developments has been that I’m so used to the French and English way of counting; first the decimal than the binary – like twenty three; that I have sometimes trouble getting it right in Dutch where it is just as simple as in German: drieëntwintig. Questions? Not to me 🙂


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