Brussels to sell, or: is there a way out of the Belgian crises?

It’s a while ago since I wrote about the political crises in Belgium. The situation has not very much advanced, at least according to my knowledge. Though, some people in favour of an united Belgian kingdom or at least state have made some progress in the fight for public attention. While it seemed for weeks that only the radical elements were given word in the media, the other side is now fighting back, either ironical or seriously.

The serious is a political petition for one country, having three languages (German, French, Flemish) but one soul or so… The campaign is in English which is a bit strange in my point of view but is probably destined to make sure that every inhabitant of the country understands it.

 I want you for Belgium

Among the ironical stuff is one I really like which is: Brussels to sell. Actually, if Brussels were not existing, the Wallonians and Flemish would already have figured out how to split up the country, the money and the people. But, Brussels exists and since so far nobody asked les Bruxellois what they think about becoming stateless, they start their own campaign drawing attention towards their very specific situation as Belgian capital, de facto European capital and perhaps soon particular status. 

To answer the rather rhetoric title question, we could some up that nobody has found a way out yet but that the whole debate is getting the more interesting the more people it join.


6 responses to “Brussels to sell, or: is there a way out of the Belgian crises?

  1. You’re right. Exactly today Belgium is breaking its own record: “Bélgica bate su récord al permanecer 148 días sin Gobierno” (!!)

  2. Thanks for the link. I understood most of the article, at least I hope so.
    The problem is not only the record of 148 days without government, it is that nothing seems to move. They are still stuck…

  3. the only thing they can do is surrender to the french and turn belguim into france, well its very much the same,,,even when my great grandad was there it was far 2 french
    peace and love from the uk

  4. @ Kam: Belgium won’t surrender to the French, come on! But the Wallonian part may do as nobody can imagine them as an independent country though Flanders would be.
    Still no answer what to do with Brussels.
    And I’m not sure whether the UK would like France becoming suddenly bigger by integrating another 4-5 mio people…
    BTW: German beer is NOT crap but otherwise I’m glad to know that you read here once in a while!

  5. lol belguim is just like france,,,full of to many poor people,,,and belguim people dont like to work as well as the french the shops are neva open, and theres 2 many smelly people,,,all true. I love it really… time of my life eva xxx

  6. You are so English! But probably right, if it goes on like this, parts of Belgium will be French soon… Than you can blame them for real!
    You should come back here just to tell all the people how much they do things the wrong way. I’m sure they would like it!
    XXX, la puce

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