Gent, enfin…

After some 9 months living in Brussels, whenever I told people that I have not been to Gent, they were looking at me as if I were not normal. Tu n’y étais pas encore??? You’ve not been there yet??? was the usual reaction. Finally, I managed to go there yesterday and, well, I still prefer Brugge. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the day I spent in Brugge was a nice, warm and nearly perfect summer day.

However, I liked Gent so I have to say that discovering a city with someone who studies history and is very much interested in history of art makes it all the better. I think that we visited basically every part of the inner city worth visiting. After six hours walking we should have. There were, among others: St. Bavo cathedral, the painting “the adoration of the lamb”, the belfried,the castle, the river side, the bridge with the famous “three tours look” and so on.

Ok, before I’m writing even more, the best would probably be to show you just some pictures. Unfortunately, for a reason unknown to me, it is impossible to upload them. The internet equivalent to heaven knows why. I tried twice and I’ll try again tomorrow but something is telling me that it won’t work before Monday. Tsts, pas bien.

But, Gent was nice, I had a good though long day with my feet making me feel all the time I walked at the end. A répéter for sure


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