CV your life

Could be a MTV show, couldn’t it? I wonder sometimes if it has always been the same and the answer is: probably not. I was talking to a friend of mine who is since recently in a job he is not really enjoying. Still, he wants to stay in this job for a year so that it looks good on his CV.

I remember when I started studying, choosing my studies stupidly simply because I was interested in the topic. But already in the next step choices were half imposed, half taken: the first internship, the Erasmus year. I do not say that there is no good carrying a bit about where to go in life and what to do but I have the increasing impression that life today is CV-driven to a point where it stops being sane.

Again, I do not exclude myself. I accepted doing things because they were looking good on my CV but this was just one reason among others like needing the money, not having anything else to do, and so on. But when it comes to choosing the right hobbies – one instrument to show that you have some culture, one sport to show that you can relax and one social engagement to show what for an engaged person you are – it just leaves rationality.

In the good old times it was enough to do a good job. Today, your professional careeer has to overmatch with the job profile and your private life has to prove you being social, cultural, engaged, trustworty, dependable, logical, praticle… When it comes to my CV, I feel like in drawing classes at school. We always had to provide an interpretation to our drawings which lead me to the point that I first did my painting or whatever we were working on and then invented a story I knew the teacher would like. 

I do the same with my CV today explaining the different stages with what I know a potential employer is going to like. I’m quite lucky since the overall I have written on these two sheets of paper gives a pretty piece of sens in the way I present it. Only, that some of the things I did were rather done out of opportunity than out of intention.

Resumé? None. Just wondering about how strange life is. Or what our CVs made out of it.


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