Rugby worldcup – looking for a team to support

Short introduction how I came to enjoy watching Rugby: My first experience was during the 2003 world-cup. I lived in Grenoble and watched a game (France – England) with some friends. I found the game rather weird and was finally thrown out of the room as I supported England… The “click” came in 2005 when I watched accidentally France – South Africa, finding myself cheering in favour of the French team towards the end of the match.

That was longer than planned, anyway, the present world-cup started rather interesting with France loosing against Argentina probably very surprising for both the teams. However, my real problem is that I do not know which team to support. I like the French team but I did not really want France to win the world-cup, I like South Africa but I can impossibly support the South African team.  

I explain: Everybody in France and especially the politicians expected the French team to win. It seemed to me like what we call a “Parteiauftrag” in East Germany, meaning basically that sport is used by politics to demonstrate the superiority of the nation or the ideology; something I cannot stand. The problem with South Africa is that the team does not represent at all the country it is playing for with only one black and two coloureds while all the others are “good, tough Afrikaans” players.  

Nevertheless, and despite the fact that there is no German team to support and won’t be in the nearer future, I enjoy the power and the team spirit displayed in that sport. For the final, my favourite will be South Africa as England, sorry, is not really an option. May the better team win!


2 responses to “Rugby worldcup – looking for a team to support

  1. I support(ed) Fiji – although that is probably a dangerous thing to say, bearing in mind where I live. However, their game against my host nation was absolutely fantastic. Not only is Fiji the underdog, they are a very, very skillful underdog! Having said that, I was really impressed with SA yesterday, whereas England’s victory over France struck me as very clinical. However, if I said aloud that I will be supporting SA for the final, I might finally get deported from this country 🙂

  2. You like to live dangerous, don’t you? Though I understand your position. Not supporting France in any sport while living there is not really appreciated. But you can still support SA only that you shouldn’t tell anybody.
    Springbocks GO!

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