When you are apparently the last person in the whole office building and you do not know how to open the entrance door which is always open during day time; or to switch on the light there; when then the elevator is make scary noises and moves it did not do before, when you here voices you cannot locate – then all this is a bit spooky and contributes to the decision to never ever stay in the office that late. 


2 responses to “Buhhhhh

  1. I once had a similar experience at Ecole Polytechnique. I didn’t know that normally the badge only works until 8 p.m. Also for leaving the building!! So I was standing in the dark corridor without being able to leave. Luckily, some minutes later a nice French guard came and let me out, not without complaining about me being in the building after 8 pm. Since then, I have a special permission…
    A friend of mine experienced the same problem — however, he just pushed the emergency button and left the building for the dorms… 🙂

  2. I understand fully what you mean. Especially since it was the first time I had the problem to get OUT of the building. At the Commission, interns were not allowed to enter the buildings after 8 though I found a way – you just have to know the guards. But getting out was never a problem. Anyway, my biggest worry was to get stuck in the elevator. Already I don’t like them but making weird noices in a moment where I’m not confortable is not nice…

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