Moving, again*

Sept. 2002 – Moving to France for my Erasmus year.

Sept. 2003 – Moving in another room in my students’ hall. Still in France

July 2004 – Moving to another students’ hall since mine is closed for the summer. The Crous says for renovation.

Sept. 2004 – Moving back to my old and new students’ hall. Taking the same room as before. They did definitely not renovate anything.

July 2005 – Moving in another building in my students’ hall. My building is closed for the summer.

End Sept. 2005 – Looking for a new flat with my future flatmate. Since we have trouble finding something, we stay in the flat of the parents in law of my former internship director. Long story

Mid Oct. 2005 – Moving in our new beautiful flat. Best flat ever so far.

April 2006 – Moving to Berlin for a job. Nice flat but awful furniture. Never planned to stay as long as I did.

Nov. 2006 – Moving to South Africa but knowing in advance that it is just for three months. The backpack and the rucksack are enough.

Feb. 2007 – Moving to Brussels. Not taking all my stuff since I’m not sure to stay.

Sept. 2007 – Moving in my new room, much larger than the old one but for the same price. By now, I have most of my stuff here… 

*The bold moves stand for full ones with the whole packing and unpacking. The normal text stands for the moves where I moved my stuff just from one room to the other on the same floor or where I never unpacked properly.

* For a while, I hated moving seriously. But as a have a feeling telling me that my current move won’t be the last I somehow got used to it. Still…


4 responses to “Moving, again*

  1. I can totally understand your thoughts about moving even if I didn’t move that often. Luckily, this time the moving company is paid by Maja’s company for a full service package: that means they came here last week, disassembled our furniture and everything and will reassemble it in Paris. Nice, isn’t it? 😀

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