Last & coming

Last weekend:

  • Watching Rugby: New Zealand – Portugal. Poor Portugal
  • Visiting the “Palais de Justice” during the “Open Monuments Days” – quite enormous building though a bit mégalo
  • Going out with a friend to play darts
  • Going to Antwerp to visit the city (very nice), the cathedral (wonderful) and the Rubens’ house (interesting). Photos will come soon, I swear but please cf. the text below. 
  • Quite ful but great weekend

Next weekend:

  • Packing my stuff
  • Getting the hired car
  • Bringing all my stuff down (2nd floor – elevator)
  • Driving through this mad city
  • Bringing all my stuff up (3rd floor – no elevator)
  • Unpacking my stuff
  • Cleaning my old room
  • Organizing and probably cleaning my new room
  • Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping (if there is still some time left until Monday)

So, please do not wonder if there are not going to be a lot of posts this week. Especially since a friend from France came to visit me so that my evenings will be filled with Dutch lessons (today and Wednesday) and showing Brussels (Tuesday and Thursday).

Hope you are having a great time out there! La puce un tantinet stressée quoi 🙂


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