Difficult choices

Dutch – Spanish

de liefde – amor

leren – aprender

de taal – una idioma

The choice I had to make the last days was to choose the next language I am going to learn. I have to precise that I had one year of Spanish lessons at French university. And that I had three months of Dutch lessons here in Brussels. Furthermore, Dutch is desperately close to German and Belgium is a bilingual country. Still, my heart and the long term benefit inclined much more in favour of Spanish – the sound and 700 mio native speakers are serious arguments. But, then again the fact that I can/could learn Spanish nearly everywhere in the world while the chances for Dutch are far less good had to be considered. The final argument for me was that if I do not learn Dutch while I’m in Belgium I will probably never do it. So in order to use this unpredicted and unique opportunity I decided to take Dutch lessons (and even to pay for them) for the next five months.

Voilà 🙂


3 responses to “Difficult choices

  1. Si me preguntas, lo negaré, pero en tu caso, yo habría hecho lo mismo!

    Pd.- “Amo aprender un idioma”

  2. Si tienes la razon con la secunda frase. Tenemos que beber una cerveza la semana proxima, vale?


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