My muse

Often my ideas, inspired by a muse or not, come quite suddenly if it is for blog entries, papers, work, emails or whatsoever. Let’s suppose that it is a muse than the problem with her (or him?) is that she (he?) is inspiring me when I’m nearly or already asleep. So I have this great idea and should get up immediately to write it down so that it is fixed and cannot escape me anymore. Only, my motivation to get up, get a piece of paper and to note the idea does not always exist – mostly it doesn’t. And this, somehow makes my muse angry because whenever I try to remember an idea I did not write down at night in the morning it is lost… The exception confirms obviously the rule as this post came to my mind around 3 am today and I was not even considering getting up. But still strange – this muse.


2 responses to “My muse

  1. Wie wär’s mit einem Diktiergerät als Kuscheltier? (I actually know people taking their mobile to bed with them for this very purpose – to record important thoughts without getting up.)

    Zu Deiner anderen Frage (USA) – hoffentlich komme ich am Wochenende zu einer vernünftigen Antwort.


  2. Good idea. Especially since my phone is close to me at night time – it is my alarm clock. I’ll try to find out if my muse likes it and let you know.

    No hurry for telling me about your US tour – I’m just curious.

    Hope you are doing fine, la puce

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