Wonderful world of language VIII – IX

When I first started with that topic, I thought that everything would be said after the three initial entries. But it seems that there is far more to say so here you go.

VIII: Something I’m still not able to do in French or English are crosswords. Whenever I try one, I give up frustrated after usually 20 minutes. The problem with crosswords is not only that you have to know the words a synonym is asked for (Step 1) but one ore more synonyms matching the number of letters given (Step2). If I do not fail with step one than it is certainly step two. I have more or less the same problems with Tabu and Scrabble is a game I prefer as well in German.

IX: One thing I can’t stand are online translators and people who use them for an entire text. You cannot seriously expect a meaningful translation from German to English (the other way round is slightly better but still…) since the structure of these two languages has sometimes nothing in common. Example: I went to the station to my aunt with her luggage and her daughter pick up. In German, the past particip stands at the end of the sentence so that you have to read until the end if you want to get the sense of it. This is a concept impossible to translate into English but  some people and online translators keep on trying handing over the bullshit result to poor bilingual interns who then have to get some sens into the whole story.


2 responses to “Wonderful world of language VIII – IX

  1. lol was this aimed at me or sumthing,,,,lol poor interns. U germans will never learn will u.

  2. No, this was not aimed at you. I had to proof read some automaticly translated stuff – I hate it!
    And there is nothing we Germans cannot learn. The true question is if we want to 🙂 lalalala

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