Happy nationality guessing

Sometimes, it is as easy to guess another person’s nationality as if it were written on it’s head.When I took the train to Lille, France, which then goes on to London, there was a group of musicians with their instruments. Their clothing style was already controversial (I’m already very nice) but what betrayed these guys immediately as English were their haircuts. Well, at least if you call the style bird’s nest, Vokuhila, and I-never-saw-a-comb-in-my-life style a haircut. What a “I-cannot-seriously-call-this-taste-now” whatsoever. Poor Britannia…


2 responses to “Happy nationality guessing

  1. POOR Britannia,,,,,seems our european friends are once again out to gang up on the brits,,,,,NEVA MIND,,,,our island will once again defenc its self even if we have no friends,,,,hahahahahah poor britaania,,,,yes poor us indeed, to many people in this damm country from europe now, stop sending people here

  2. Kam, seriously, we like you British. We just have some heavy problems with people not having any taste. And, to be honest, this is one of the domains where the French perform much better.

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