Germany 2007 was:

  • A good occasion to get dried out from my Internet addiction
  • Visiting my great-grand parents grave and the place where my grandfather was born: Huysburg Inside of the Huysburg church The orgue
  • East German music: Puhdys “Alt wie ein Baum”
  • A lot of driving for me (I really like to drive but since I do not have a car…)
  • Bathing in a former stone quarry: Stone quarry
  • Sweet dumplings and other of my favourite meals
  • Visiting Halberstadt:“Altar” - I forgot the English word Street in the former Jewish district Cathedral and St. Martin
  • Having a good friend coming to visit me in my place
  • A lot of discussions with family and friends
  • Walnut wine (French recipe – done by my parents)
  • Playing Badminton with my little cousins and my sister
  • A wonderful time!

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