Je déteste

I hate to say good bye. I hate it when friends leave. I hate to be left behind. And I gave up counting all the farewell diners, lunches, parties, drinks and whatsoever I had in recent weeks. Oh, yes, I forgot the farewell breakfast. Obviously, there are some more to come today and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and… No, stop, the weekend, I’ll go home after saying good bye but without any farewell stuff. After all, I’ll be back in Brussels by the end of August and start a new life with a new job* and a new flat**. Hah, take this Farewell-melancholy-I-do-not-want-it-to-finish-mood.

Quand même, la puce

* & **: Still needs to be found.


3 responses to “Je déteste

  1. ahhhh i see u are missing me,,,,its ok dont worry im sure ul see me sum time

  2. Obviously, I was only thinking about you when I wrote this post.
    But seriously, I am glad that all this farewell-stuff is over now. Two weeks of good bye is just to much. Would have been easier to finish it all in once but it’s the way it is. On the other hand, I am really happy to go home now, see my familly, friends and so on. Will be great and change my mind!

  3. Let’s see. If you don’t mind about someone, you don’t care to say goodbye. And if you care, you don’t say goodbye, just au revoir, because you want to see that person again. So, what’s the point of a farewell meeting??

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