THE Simpsons movie

Done. I watched the Simpsons movie yesterday and it is great. No doubt. First I was a bit afraid that 90 minutes instead of 22 might be a bit long for the yellow folks but it is just enough. The story is basically that Homer makes one of the biggest mistakes of his life [his life so far], putting not only Springfield in deadly danger but also his marriage the rest of love and respect his kids have for him and himself.

What I really liked about the film is that it takes time to develop the characters much more than it is possible in the usual 22 minutes. It is a pleasure to observe the different characters, to try getting all the references to other films and to just relax and let the film take you along.

What else?

  • I had to get used to the original voices, hearing them for the very first time. But I liked them even if especially Homer and Marge did not sound how they are supposed to do.
  • The only thing missing was an end to Spider Pig’s story line.
  • Maggie speaks her first word.
  • Itchy and Scratchy is as suited for children as usually but a good starter.

Definitely one of the yellowhighlights of this cinema summer.


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