My first football shirt

During our great German-Austrian football party, I was wearing a football shirt my British flatmate* had given me for the evening. The day before he left, he did something I would never ever had expected: He offered me the shirt so that I can proudly announce now to owe a football shirt.

Shirt frontShirt - front

* He is now back to the UK, Birmingham, very handsome and single, furthermore the most football addicted person I ever met and reading here 


7 responses to “My first football shirt

  1. ha ha ha, good looking, ur damm right. yes i hope the shirt brings u luck as it has me for a number of times, plus it looks really good on me as well. p.s feel free to visit the uk for football fun any time

  2. It’s true that the shirt looked better on you than on me. But I’ll remember the invitatio to come to the UK. When does the football season start over there? The Bundesliga starts on the 10th of August…

  3. well for us saturday 11th augast, for me its never a big deal as i dont really follow a team in english top leage but i enjoy to wacth it. And how is ur angry german friend, i was very drunk on the saturday b4 i left so if i had seen her even later on in the night i would have told shes far 2 german, HAHAHAHAH. but i didnt get to say good bye to,,,shame

  4. For my favourite team (Hansa Rostock) the Bundesliga starts with a killer: Bayern Munic so you can be sure that I gonna follow this closely.

    Well, about this friend, since I do not mention names on the blog except people doing it on their own or want it, I’ll gonna write you an email, ok?

    And, we are German, we have the right to be too German and occupy other peoples fridge shells; jejeje!

  5. Now you’ve got to help me out here. This is evidently a Republic of Ireland home shirt. Yet all the talk is about the UK. How do the two go together?

  6. il from the uk, england. The shirt is of course from ireland, but i enjoy football from all parts of the world, including yes Ireland, even that the 2 nations have a long history i still enjoy wacthing them and many others play.

  7. Hey Maik,
    I admit that it must be confusing for you to read this English-German story about an Ireland shirt. Actually, Kam was one of my flatmates here in Brussels before he moved back to the UK. And he is the most football addicted person I know. That’s how the overall fits together.

    Any more questions? Quand vous voulez, la puce

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