Irony is:

  • To receive a negative answer to a job application from an important German football association with the logo on the envelope “Football is the future”. Not mine as it seems.
  • That driver of these enormous, ugly, economicly and ecologicly sensless SUVs are more likely so suffer injuries due to an accident than driver of other car types. → LINK
  • The comments of the teacher to the GCE exams “pearls” – perles du bac

2 responses to “Irony is:

  1. Just out of curiosity (once more) – what kind of job did you apply for with the German football association? (Btw – was it THE German football association or A German football association?)

    *daumendrückend für alle anderen Bewerbungen*


  2. It was a referent position here in Brussels and Btw it was THE German football association.

    Danke fuer’s Daumendruecken (sitz gerad vor einem englischen Keyboard…) I’ll let you know as soon as I have something for sure.

    La puce qui va aller danser ce soir 🙂

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