A friend send me yesterday the link to the Foo Fighters singing live. It is not that I would know the group but that’s not the point. I just noticed that the guy sitting to the right sight was chewing a chewing gum while singing. Ok, it is true, I am not a big fan of chewing gum anyway but it is a nasty habit and a sign of cultural decline not to take a chewing gum out of the mouth before making love singing or speaking in front of an audience.  

Not only that it is impolite to keep on chewing, it is also ugly to look at this badly hidden chewing gum and the mechanical movements of chewing not linked to a nutrition process (= eating) look always very “cowlike” to me, or to put it otherwise: not very intelligent.

Anyway, la puce


3 responses to “Cowlike

  1. I think this is a bit harsh on the cows…

  2. One of the comments says it’s because “he chews gum to keep his throat and mouth moist while performing”. Who knows.

  3. Yeah, sure since he has been singing for hours and hours. Poor guy, has to chew gum while a sip from a bottle of water would have the same effect…

    Faut pas tout croire, la puce 🙂

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