Less good

Nothing is perfect and this weekend was particularly hampered by:

  • Leggings. I know now why I did not notice the trend to wear leggings under the short or the skirt before in Brussels – the weather was too bad. The first and second weekend with nice and sunny weather showed that this way of dressing has unfortunately reached Brussels. It looks just as bad as it did in Sweden.
  • The connard who did not stop in the park yesterday to come closer and who cycled around me and who started following me until I turned around and waited to let him pass and followed him. Ugly old guys like him are really the ultimative turn off. Hoffentlich kriegt er die Krätze.
  • Self pressure – I had a list of seven things to do. I did – one… To be improved.
  • The heat. Actually, I know that it is not that hot, we are just not longer used to normal summer weather. I feel like in April when the weather suddently changes from 15°C and rain to 30° and sunshine. Seems that we are going to be back in April by tomorrow.

Tant pis, la puce


7 responses to “Less good

  1. LousyWeather

    Wenn ich als Kerl mal zum ersten Punkt – Leggings – was sagen darf: Warum tut ihr das?!? Die Achtziger waren schlimm. Wegen Latzhosen, wegen Föhnbetonfrisuren, wegen Milli Vanilli, wegen der Friedensbewegung – aber vor allem wegen Leggings!! Jeder war froh, zu Anfang der Neunziger in ein neues Zeitalter der Mode aufbrechen zu dürfen – Jeanszelte für den Oberkörper und von Billig-Techno inspirierte Schlabberhosen für den Rest – warum also holt ihr das wieder hervor? Lasst die 80er doch in Frieden ruhen. (Und wenn das gar nicht geht, dann lasst zumindest Sabine Christiansen nicht wieder zu den Tagesthemen. Und Leggings nicht an Eure Beine.) Seufz.

  2. I spent the last week in Groningen and you know what – I saw no leggings. Not once. There is hope.

  3. @ LousyWeather: I don’t understand it as well. Really, I just don’t get it. WHY??? Why do they wear these ugly things? It is so sad and ahhhhh.
    The worst is that a good friend of mine is starting with it and I do not know how to tell her that…

    @ Maik: I apologise for my imperfect geographical knowledge but where is Groningen? Perhaps I should apply for jobs there and not here in Brussels.

  4. My apologies…I had simply presumed that as an ardent student of Dutch, you had immersed yourself in Dutch “Landeskunde” :). Groningen is the the northeasternmost province of the Netherlands, and the city of Groningen (which I was referring to) is the capital.

  5. Dear Maik,
    you are right, I should have paid more attention during my Dutch classes. But thanks to you, I gonna remember now where Groningen is. Do you speak any Dutch?

    Tot ziens, la puce

  6. Ik kan het verstaan en ook een beetje lezen, maar ik kan het niet spreken. I did study Dutch for three semesters during my undergraduate studies, but then went to Ireland for several years without ever using it, so I lost most of it. I can still read most of it and depending on the local dialect, listening comprehension is fine. But actively using it – I am afraid not.

  7. Goedemorgen Maik,

    Hoe gaat het? Actually, for me it is a bit the same but I did just three months of classes and I never did anything for them. Reading, I understand up to 70% but I have to admit that I always double check with the French translations here – it’s too easy for me. And slow speaking I get like 50-60% but not more. Speaking is only a monologe, I can’t hold up a conversation.

    The frustrating thing is that Dutch is very close to German but it is not mutually understandable. I still would need to learn it for real if I want to master it. Anyway, first I will see if I stay here and then decide on everything else.

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